Happy March!

It’s officially March! So, here’s my completed Feb Feelz playlist! I was introduced to a bunch of indie, queer artists right at the start of the month, so I hope you love them too & get their play numbers up!

Feb 2021 Feelz

As always, keep an eye out for another erotica excerpt toward the middle of the month, always posted on my Patreon. Up to this point, there has been a lot of free-writing everything that I think of. Now, I’m getting into world building & mythology research. I want to get a better grasp on the historical context of the mythical creatures I’ll be using to propel my story. In particular, I am DEFINITELY accepting recommendations for info on selkies & vampires. I’m most interested in how selkie legends morphed into the mermaid legends we know today. And for vampires, more a historic timeline of how that mythology has evolved & its effects on pop & fringe culture. Lmk if you know anything I should check out!

I’m also getting into a more structured, exercise oriented phase of writing. This is basically for character building & backstory. I want to get a good handle on what these characters have been through so I know how they’ll behave in more detail & confidence. It’s a lot like ACTING in that way! Writing this story has been so wildly fulfilling in such new & different ways for me. It’s a long process. I’ve not ever written like this before. It was always short stories or short film scripts. This just…is not that.

Would y’all be interested in the world building free-writings I’ve done? They are VERY spoilery! That’s why I’ve hesitated to share them, BUT. I feel like that’s kind of part of this whole Patreon experience…? What do you think?


I’ve got some 🔥🔥🔥 lewdies that’ll be used for promotion at a later time. You’ll see some in the next week!

A N D. Later this month (March 16, to be exact), the first trailer for HUNTER SHORT FILM will be released! So much in the pipeline, & I’m simply bursting from excitement from it all!

FK 💜🦄

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Floren Kyteler (they/them/their or xey/xem/xeir) is a New York trained actor, experienced producer, and is a self-advocate of mental health & LGBT+ rights.

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