Script Supervisor for NYC feature film The Dog Walker
Script Supervisor for NYC feature film The Dog Walker

Nice to meet you.

Fløren K (they/them/their or xey/xem/xeir) is a New York City trained actor, experienced producer, and self-advocate for mental health & LGBT+ rights. Xey live in Louisville, KY in a home xey split with a roommate; xeir cats, (Mr. Mistoffelees & Oliver), and xeir dog (Feldspar).

Life Experience.

  • Theatre
    Fløren K appeared on stage for the first time at age seven, and continued to perform live in both theatrical and musical productions with xeir schools & church throughout xeir childhood. In high school, xey finally branched out to community theatre, in which xey continue to participate. Xey also have multiple regional theatre credits from xeir work in the midwest & south. Xey attended Stella Adler Studio NYC in New York City for two years in the workshop program studying stage & screen acting. Xey were invited to multiple advanced classes in xeir time there including Acting Technique, Scene Study, & Film Acting Master Classes.
  • Film
    In 2009, Fløren began xeir journey in the independent film scene, as well as began appearing in local commercials. Xey are an award-winning performer for xeir screen work, having earned Best Actress Awards from Horror Society Magazine (2015) and MayDay Film Festival (2010). After xeir first appearance at MayDay Film Fest, xey were invited to become an event coordinator, acting as a public liaison to patrons & filmmakers for the festival. Other notables include appearing in one of Maxim Magazine’s 66 Horror Flicks You’ve Never Seen (Hell is Full), appearing in a successful webseries that gained over 2 million views (The Book of Dallas), as well as multiple award-winning films (Lost Indie Mix, The Dog Walker, BULLY, The Pale King, Billie & Theodore, Ezekiel’s Landing).
  • Mental Health
    Fløren K has been diagnosed with ADHD, Borderline Personality Disorder, PTSD, cPTSD, Major Depressive Disorder, and continues to investigate possibilities of Autism Spectrum Disorder, PMDD, Bipolar Disorder, among others. Xey write about xeir experiences, not only as a part of xeir treatment, but to de-stigmatize & normalize what so many others go through on a daily basis.
  • LGBT+
    Fløren K is genderfluid and abrosexual. Xey also identify as bisexual, as abrosexuality is a new term & concept. “Bisexual” is the first place xeir ‘otherness’ found a home, and xey will always ID as bisexual because of that. While xey may fluctuate between masculinity & femininity, genderfluid is always the correct way to refer to xem, and gender neutral pronouns are preferred. Xeir favorites are xey/xem/xeir (obviously), but they/them/their is also acceptable.
  • Leftist
    Fløren K is a Leftist, not a Liberal. Xey are not a Democrat, though xey are registered as such to continue to vote in Kentucky Primaries. Capitalism is a tool of white supremacy, the only hope in not descending into fascism is by building a different government than we have now, responsible gun ownership is necessary, weed should be legal, Black lives fucking matter, and anyone who isn’t actively mean to racists has chosen the side of the oppessor.
  • Witchcraft
    Magick has been a vital part of Fløren K’s life for many years. As a child & teenager, xey attempted practicing Wicca on multiple occasions, but it never took. In recent years, xey have taken a more eclectic & solitary approach. Xeir craft has been instrumental in managing mental health, everyday life activities, & is one of xeir greatest tools in tackling broad issues facing the world as an individual.

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